Playoff Hopes Gone…

It was Friday when I was out with the team for the game. We were out to welcome our guests, the Utica College men’s basketball team. It was the in Empire 8 Conference action though I was a benchwarmer, but I knew very well how important that game was for all of us. We were energetic and highly motivated. It was just the day before, that we helped volunteer our time and efforts with an auto glass replacement companies annual big brother charity basketball camp! It was truly fun to see all the kids with a smile on there face and just having a good time and certainly something our team needed this rough season. I could could see the time spent with the kids definitely brought up everyone’s moral. But somehow things did not go as we had planned… I was there throughout the match and was watching as things were slowly going out of hand for us. The main reason behind this was those four players who managed to score in the double digits. These were the ones who paced the Pioneers.

Utica had improved to 7-16 this year. They were 4-11 in the Empire 8 Conference with this win. But the Bombers dropped completely to 13-11 overall. This game ensured that we got eliminated from the playoff contention as we now had a 7-8 conference record. This defeat pinched still more as it is the first time in the past five years that the Pioneers have managed to sweep the entire season series against Ithaca. This 2015-16 series will finally get wrapped up by UC as it will travel to Nazareth College on Saturday. The game time on that day is scheduled for 2 p.m. We would be hosting Hartwick College too that day at 2 p.m.

I was very excited during the game as Utica was leading by as many as 11 points we still had 6:05 left for playing. The Bombers then made the game more interesting as they came within four points. At that time we had just 21 seconds remaining. After this were the four straight free throws by Agim Hamiti. This is what managed to seal the Utica victory.

It was Sophomore Ivan Iton who mainly led the Pioneers with his 18 points along with the eight rebounds. Next who was responsible for the win was Andrew Druziak who managed to net 4 points off the bench. Another player who I really admired was Hamiti who managed to finish with 12 points, and was shooting 2-for-4 from just beyond the arc. It was Senior Jawan Simmons who managed with 11 points of his own and was able to add seven boards. It was Seamus McHugh and Justin Mayers who were able to combine for 15 points. All of them were responsible for the excitement in the game.


How Could We Lose To NJCU

This was a game I had been waiting for. I am a part of the fourth-seeded Ithaca College men’s basketball team. Sunday was the season end match. I was a benchwarmer but my heart and mind was on the field only.

I kept on looking and cheering my teammates. They played well but luck was simply not on our side that day. The Bombers tried hard but it was heart wrenching to see them fall to the second-seeded New Jersey City University. It was quite close at 87-65. This was an important match as it was the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Upstate/Metro Championship game. We were playing inside the highly spectacular Golden Dome Arena.

I was not on the field but I could easily sense that this loss hurt much more as we concluded our 2015-16 schedule this way at 15-13. It was the Gothic Knights, who were the winners of the ECAC crown in men’s basketball, which they won for the seventh time now. With this win they have now climbed to 21-8.

I simply could not stop admiring the three players who were able to manage double-figures in scoring. These were the Bombers who were led by 19 points of Marc Chasin on 6-of-12 shooting from the floor. Next was The Coral Gables, Fla. Native. He accounted for five rebounds in addition to two blocked shots which were a treat to watch! Sam Bevan was playing in his final collegiate game. He managed to finish with 18 points, five boards in addition to three assists. No one could possibly miss Carroll Rich who managed 11 points and four helpers. I really enjoyed the game of Freshman Peter Ezema who had eight points and could boast of a team-high 10 rebounds out of which three were on the offensive glass.

We had taken the lead when we were just three seconds into the game. This is when Rich had found a cutting Chasin. This lay-up had made it 2-0 that was in favor of the Bombers. In fact, the Gothic Knights were able to tie the score only 21 seconds later. This was a part of a 7-0 run in which they took a 7-2 lead. This was when just 2:08 had gone by.

But we the Bombers again re-took the advantage. This was due to an 8-0 run which was capped by a long 3-pointer that came from Bevan. All this made it 13-9, for Ithaca.

Ithaca 11

Benchwarmer in Ithaca!

What’s up guys this is an inside life to a benchwarmer for the college basketball team in Ithaca. Ya, I know doesn’t seem to exciting right? However, I still remain proud of what I have accomplished and especially against the odds that I faced growing up as a kid.

Thank you again for visiting and I just kind of want to make this blog like a episode of MTV’s True Life sort of thing. Take care and will be updating you guys here soon!